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9th Apr 2020 - Business as usual - as far as possible. When we come out of this there will be a shortage of new cars and vans, therefore order now and at least join the queue. Stay safe.

Electric Van Comparison 2020

Electric Vans 2020

2020 is going to be the year of the Electric Van, so if you are based in the south near london you are going to bombarded with adverts for electric vans. We feel that the technology is definitely moving on at a pace, however the question is are there enough charging points around and can the average van driver wait around for upto an hour for his van to charge. With some vans only having a small distance they can travel on one charge (upto 200m) the heat is going to be on the maufacturers to provide a van which not only charges exceptionaly quicker, but has a bigger range, we think 500 miles and this will convert lots of existing diesel van drivers over to electric, anything shorter and we think the average van driver wont change over as stopping for hours on end could cause problems for some van drivers.

Mitsubishi L200 Pick Up Double Cab 4wd
2.2 DI-D 4WD 150PS Barbarian Pickup Double Cab Auto [Start Stop]
£25310.12 +VAT +RFL
Saving £5704.88 +VAT +RFL
Outright purchase Mitsubishi L200, Pickup
2.3 litre Diesel Automatic
+ compare
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