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9th Apr 2020 - Business as usual - as far as possible. When we come out of this there will be a shortage of new cars and vans, therefore order now and at least join the queue. Stay safe.

Nissan Van News

NISSAN NV200 Electric van. Sales increase by 200% in 2019, this has been putdown to the changing emission legalisation andintroduction of Londons Ultra Low EmissionZone.Running costs from 2p per mile and zero tailpipeemissions makes the NV200 exempt from lowemission charge zones.

New Nissan NV250 compact van unveiled Based on the Renault KangooEuro 6d compliant diesel engine.L1 & L2 body lengths.80ps, 95ps & 115PS power outputs.Prices to be confirmed.

New Rules for Electric Vehicles
New electric vehicles will be forced to make a sounds due to new EU Directives from Monday.
The new rules are there to ensure people can actually hear the vehicles rather than just see them, If you have ever been close to an electric vehicle you will have noticed that they are very quiet, and the noise will be installed to ensure people hear them coming. Stay tuned for some creative ideas when it comes to how the vehicles will sound

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Posted on 30th June 2019 at 10:27 AM

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