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The most difficult decision you will make when buying a van online is "who do you trust to deliver the service that has been promised?" 

As the internet becomes a more central focus for the buying of products, it is also important to remember the reasons why this is happening. It is because it is convenient and more importantly it is less expensive 

Just because offer every make and model of vehicle, it is most important that you know that it does not affect our product knowledge of the van you are interested in. 

Our highly trained personnel have in excess of 50 years motor industry experience across every manufacturer that offer. Together with finance experience to ensure that you obtain the best advice possible on what potential finance package suits you, including a cash purchase option if that suits your needs better. 

By this stage, it is highly likely that you have already logged onto because you are ready to purchase your brand new vehicle and that you have already "done the rounds" of the new van dealerships and read the Whatcar or Top Gear magazine and decided on the brand new van you want. 

That is great news because at we can now take you through the final stages of your new van purchase.

If you are just starting to look, then is happy to assist you. If you go to the homepage and choose the manufacturer you are interested in, (remembering to bookmark us first (top left hand side on the homepage so you can revisit click on their link and that will give you all the information you need to know about the van you want. If you need assistance with this then please call us on 0333 222 4381 we are here to help and mention that you are just looking to buy at the moment and we will share our advice with you (if you are not looking to buy don't worry we are here to help anyway just as much to sell you a van) 

If it is the evening (after 6.00pm) then just drop us an email at and request a call at a specific time in the evening (remembering to email the best number to call you on) and one of our members of staff will be happy to assist out of normal office hours. 

You may have to visit a dealership for a test drive before you buy a vehicle, again we are here to help with that as well, as are a national company we have 100's of dealers in our network who may be able to assist in organising a test drive. 

Of course if you visit a dealership you may come across negative comments levelled against online retailers. 

Disappointingly here are some examples are:-

Statement - "If you buy online you won't get a warranty" 

Fact - "yes you will, you receive a manufacturer's standard warranty from date of registration the same as you would in a dealership 

Statement - "You'll have to wait ages for a van" 

Fact - "Why? The comments are from one dealer, we have access to hundreds of dealers and direct links with manufacturers and national companies who own dealerships - so that means we have even more access to more new vans than a single dealership would ordinarily have. Of course if you want a specific van with specific options then it may be that a factory order is necessary - that is only natural. 

Statement - "You'll never see the van off an internet company" 

Fact - "Again why? We are the same as a bona fide dealer we deal direct with manufacturers' and other preferred suppliers we are no different to the dealer in that respect. 

Statement - "It won't be a UK van" 

Fact - "Yes it will - to be honest wouldn't even know who to speak to in order to buy a new van that has been imported. 

To reiterate All our vans are UK supplied.

Why buy a brand new van online?

Number 1 - Saving money, is the main point of buying a brand new van online, of course there are other reasons to as well, which are, because we can offer an independent finance package as well. has over 15 different finance funders available to it, so we can shop the market for you in order to get you the customer the best deal. Rather than just offering you the finance package the manufacturer want the dealer to offer you. Choice is another excellent reason, with all makes and models available you can talk to about any type of vehicle and we will be able to assist. 

Ask yourself a simple question - how long would it take you to collate the information for 5 different vans and get the answers you ideally want - our guess would be at least a full weekend trawling round different dealers with the whole family, the kids getting bored and your tempers getting tested due to poor service levels. Trust us over the years we have done exactly the same thing. 

Most importantly we can deliver the van direct to your door, either home or office, which is why we ask for your business name so that we can put the option to you and clarify that it is feasible, e.g. if you live in Portsmouth but work on the Isle of Wight it may not be an option for us to deliver to your office address 

Also we want to clarify that you are happy with the terms and conditions which are clearly labelled on the website. 

This is where it is really advantageous - Question: how often have you bought a new van and sat in the dealership and read their terms and conditions? Answer: Probably never, with you have the time to do that at your leisure before you sign.

Of course there are some disadvantages to buying a brand new van online.

You may not want to buy a brand new van without seeing it - be safe in the knowledge it is exactly the same as the one supplied by the main dealer albeit less expensive!! 

You may have to wait a few weeks for your new van depending on where you buy it from - with Quickvan you can have one of our stock cars on your drive within 7 days!!! 

You may be concerned that the car arrives and there is damage on it, you can happily check the van before signing acceptance for it to ensure the van is clear from any damage marks without any salesman's pressure. 

As we deliver 100's of vans each year, the odd stone chip may have occurred upon delivery (to date this year there have been none reported so far!! And in the past 5 years we have had only 2 instances in over 3000 vans delivered), that in itself should cause you no concern as we will arrange for a professional organisation to come and repair it at our cost with as little inconvenience to you as possible within 7 days of delivery. On occasion vehicles may be transported to you to cut down on these possibilities, however, with that there may potentially be a cost implication, please ask for further details. 

What you do next is simple; enjoy the rest of the site and get in touch to order your brand new can from - thank you for visiting 

Any questions please call a member of the team

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